DTSA-II makes use of various different open-source or freely available libraries. The authors wish to express their gratitude to the authors of these various libraries for making them available using a license which is compatible with software developed by the US Federal Government.

Library Site License
BrowserLauncher2-10.jar BrowserLauncher2 GNU Lesser General Public License
derby.jar Apache Derby Apache License, Version 2.0
forms1.1.0.jar JGoodies Forms Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) License
jai_imageio.jar Java Advanced ImagingImage I/O Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) License
Jama-1.0.2.jar Jama: A Java Matrix Package Public Domain
junit.jar JUnit Common Public License v. 1.0
jython.jar The Jython Project The Jython 2.1 License
l2fprod-common-all.jar L2FProd Common Components Apache Software License
xpp3-1.1.4c.jar XML Pull Parser 3 Indiana University Extreme! Lab Software License
xstream-1.2.2.jar XStream serialization library Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) License