DTSA-II requires Java 11 or higer to run. However, the installer will work with earlier versions of the JDK. On Windows, the installer will install a its own integrated version of Java and use it. So at least on Windows, if the program installs, it will run. OS X is a little more troublesome. OS X comes with JRE version 8. Instructions are provided below to add a more recent JRE (JDK) and use it.

DTSA-II is regularly tested by the authors on Windows 10 systems running with the latest patches. It is known to work on OS X and Linux and produce essentially identical results.


Please review the release notes before installing DTSA-II.

Microscopy Today Downloads

This archive contains the files described in the article in the January 2012 Microscopy Today article Standards-Based Quantification in DTSA-II - Part II.


All Platforms

  1. A new installation framework is being used for DTSA-II Kelvin and subsequent releases. This framework is intended to help Mac and Linux users stay with the most current version.
  2. This framework uses a Java program to install the desired programs in platform appropriate locations.
  3. Typically Java programs can be run by double-clicking the ".jar" file or through the command line "java -jar jarfile.jar" where "jarfile.jar" is the file containing the Java executable.
  4. The installer knows how to create links for Windows and Unix/Linux but not for OS X.
  5. Please provide feedback on the OS X and Linux/Unix install process as I don't currently have access to either of these platforms

Apple OS-X

  1. The 'DTSA-II latest' installer will copy all the necessary files into a folder in your Application directory.
  2. OS X comes with a Java JRE 8.0 but DTSA-II requires version 11.0 or later.
  3. You can get a more recent JDK/JRE from Amazon. However OS X will continue to default to the system 8.0 version. To resolve this you will need to create a small batch file to force use of the Amazon JDK.
  4. One user reports that this batch file works for him
            export JAVA_HOME=`/usr/libexec/java_home -v 11.0.4` 
            cd "/Applications/NIST DTSA-II Lorentz 2019-07-29"
            $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -jar dtsa2.jar
    where he used
    /usr/libexec/java_home -V
    to determine the versions of the installed JREs.
  5. You can create a link to this batch file on your desktop and use that link to start the application as though it were native.

Linux etc.

  1. The installer will copy the files to /usr/local/NIST/...
  2. You will need to ensure that version 11+ of the OpenJDK or equivalent has been installed using your package manager.


All Platforms

  1. A program called "uninstaller.jar" is created in the "Uninstaller" directory within the program install directory.
  2. Double-click or "java -jar uninstaller.jar" to uninstall the program.