This web site provides some basic documentation. Additional documentation can be found at the following links.

The Microscopy Today Tutorial Series

Jeff Davis' 1 Minute Tutorials

Quant Examples

This zip file contains two sets of spectra. The first demonstrates quantifying Benitoite (BaTiSi3O9). Benitoite is interesting because of the overlap between Ba and Ti. The second set contains K411/K412 - two NIST-made glasses. These are interesting because you can quantify K412 using pure elements/simple compounds as standards or using K411 and Al2O3. The later is more accurate than the former.

The zip file also contains the information necessary to configure a detector (in Preferences) to match the one on which the spectra were collected. You need to configure this detector before attempting to quantify the spectra and then select this detector from the "Default Detector" lists on the main window. Now when you load the spectra they will be associated with this configuration.

Qual Examples

This zip file contains many different spectra for practicing qualitative analysis. 'Qual' is one of those skills which requires practice to develop but is a critical skill for reliable microanalysis. In our experience, the auto-qual routines in the vendors software almost work. If they never worked, we'd never trust them and that would be fine. If they always worked, we could trust them and that would be fine. Since they almost work, many people close their eyes and pretend that they are reliable. That is a problem. As a result, there are many unfortunate errors in internal corporate reports and the literature. If you are content with being correct 80% of the time, use auto-qual. If you expect better, you'll have to perform qual yourself. These spectra can help you to practice. The spectra are labeled by level of difficulty and the correct answers are available in a text file.